a 501(c)(3) organization

The Mission: To preserve the quality of human communication everywhere by promoting a balance between face-to-face and electronic communication media.



kibbitznest is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization and wifi-free zone dedicated to the preservation of quality face-to-face human communication. We provide the public with a very worthwhile charitable, educational and literary benefit. 

Our ultimate goal is to promote a better understanding of the world and its people by coming together face-to-face to think, to teach, to learn, to talk, to listen, to read, to argue, to discuss, to inquire, to look at, and to be human.

We offer a home to an always-changing mix of intellectual events, literary readings and similar endeavors. We use the theoretical nature of a liberal arts education to guide our programming.

To help secure our future, profits from our sister bookbar—kibbitznest books, brews & blarney—benefit our mission to the maximum amount allowed by law and help secure our future. Books, brews & blarney is where theory meets praxis.

The Vision

We have been evolving into a highly technological society which has allowed us to stay in touch with hundreds or even thousands of friends through electronic communication platforms—social media, email, video chat, texting, websites, forums, blogs, video games—which now dominate a significant portion of our days. And these forms of communication are excellent tools for sharing ideas and connecting with people all over the world. 

But with more and more time devoted to electronic communication, what is society giving up, what is the trade-off? 

Kibbitznest strives to encourage the public to work toward achieving a balance between online communication and face-to-face communication. Achieving this balance should be everyone’s responsibility, if we are to remain a civilized society. Kibbitznest will attempt to do its part by providing an avenue where the public can actively preserve the quality of human communication. The founders have identified liberal arts thinking and education as the catalytic tool to use in achieving this goal because of its inherent quality to encourage curiosity, inquiry, and discussion regarding the wonders of human nature, other animal nature, and the physical and scientific world around us. 

During its activities, kibbitznest becomes a community classroom where people of all ages can share ideas and philosophies and engage in problem solving face to face. The predominant theme of our events will be an appreciation of the liberal arts as we collaborate with colleges, universities, museums, educators, writers, artists, cultural centers, other non-profits, and other individuals and organizations, to bring worthwhile programming to the community.

The Goals

• To balance the use of technology with person-to-person and voice-to-voice communication in maintaining social ties

• To raise awareness that liberal arts thinking and the core of liberal arts education matters to the civility of our future generations

• To encourage debate, active participation, independent research, seeing all sides of an issue, participating in and/or enjoying cultural experiences, thinking critically and independently, and the examination of existing theories

• To connect emotionally through quality human relationships

• To not allow electronic communication to replace human contact




• To encourage breadth rather than specialization—to educate rather than train

• To focus on human communication quality—not quantity

• To connect emotionally through quality human relationships

• To not allow electronic communication to replace human contact

• To discourage the abuse of electronic devices and other technology

• To promote educationally sound uses of technology

• To promote life-long learning for the sake of personal development

• To introduce an historical perspective on the evolution of the computer, and other